Custom Assembly Fixtures

Custom Assembly Fixtures for Wing Ribs

Custom assembly fixtures for Wing Ribs and other experimental aircraft parts

Custom experimental aircraft part fixtures

Custom assembly fixtures are one of our many specialties. Proper fixtures are essential when it comes to building experimental aircraft parts, especially wing ribs. Using advanced CNC mills, we make extremely accurate fixtures that will hold your parts within a thousandth of an inch. We custom draw your parts into CAD, layout a tool path, then CNC mill your fixtures out of aluminum. With precision dowels the repeat-ability of the assemblies is near perfect. When it comes to aircraft parts, perfection is key and our assembly fixtures will make your parts perfect! If you need a simple wooden milled fixture for one or two parts for welding; or if you need a metal fixture that holds your wing curve within .001″ for all 96 ribs of your experimental biplane’s wing’s, we can help.

We have many different types of wing fixtures already programmed and ready for milling. To find out what custom assembly fixtures we already have on file, contact us by using the link below. Don’t worry, if we don’t have your wing already on file, all you will need to do is send us some information. If you have can photocopy your plans and mail them, we can use those. If you have CAD data, we can use that (we have the ability to read nearly any type of CAD data file). Even if you have nothing but a simple hand drawn sketch, we can go off of that. Contact us to let us know how to help. We want your experimental aircraft project to be as hassle free as possible. We want to see pictures and video of your aircraft flying.

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